Expansion Pack

Who is it for?

The Expansion Pack is designed for churches who have all but mastered the tools in the Essentials Pack and are ready to take their next high-level adventure.  The church Expedition Team for the Expansion Pack will be ready to think beyond their existing ministries and beyond their existing worshiping community, have a drive for something beyond what is already in existence, and a sense of urgency to go beyond what is known and comfortable.  The Expansion Pack is for those teams looking to multiply ministries exponentially with a focus towards new, more diverse people by not only thinking outside the box but perhaps even exploring as though there is no box. 


What churches are ready?

Typically churches who are ready for the Expansion Pack are mid to larger sized churches.  Yet, there may be a growing small church who has reached capacity in their current setting and ready to take the next high-level adventure.  The Expedition Team who is ready to sling the Expansion Pack on their backs and take out on new adventures will be ones who are very open-minded, working in a permission-giving ministry setting, and out to discover and explore without limitations.  The Expansion Pack might also be a great fit for a pioneering small group of people who are exploring starting something new outside their current ministry context and looking to be with other Expedition Teams to be exposed to expanded thinking, doing and implementing.

Ministry Tools

The Expansion Pack is twelve ministry tools wrapped in a twelve-month journey of exploration, discovery, and implementation.  Some months the Team with the All-Inclusive Package will be provided an extra video with one of The Greatest Expedition Team authors for additional learning time, inspiration, equipping, shift, or accountability. The Expedition Team will take deeper dives into some of the tools from the Essentials Pack as well as encounter additional ministry tools such as how to assess and MAP (except Starter Package) a new future (visioning), how to prepare Expedition Team members for the journey (i.e. FAN), and how to use new tools to identify and clear brand new paths of ministry (i.e. missional communities, multi-site, restarts, marketplace ministry, etc.).

Working Titles

Following are the working titles of the ministry tools created exclusively for The Greatest Expedition in the Expansion Pack:

  1. Open Road: The Adventure of a Breakthrough Prayer Initiative 
  2. Venture Preparation According to Wesley
  3. Cultural Competency:  Getting Back into the Venture with Your Neighbors
  4. Expanding the Expedition through Community Connection
  5. Expanding the Expedition through Church Partnerships 
  6. Expanding the Expedition Reach with Missional Communities
  7. Expanding the Expedition Reach with Multi Sites
  8. Expanding the Expedition Reach with Marketplace Ministers
  9. Expanding the Expedition Reach with Social Innovation
  10.  Creating and Sustaining a Prevailing Expedition 
  11.  Launching a Virtual Expedition